22livin is a crew of 3 rappers, 2 beat boxers and 2 beat producers from Ahmadabad


Members :

Tjay Miles

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A Kashmiri rapper from Ahmedabad keeping it real for six years now. He got featured in a mixtape by Usman ghauri when he took out his first song #sunno2018. His latest song kalabazari got 476k which was produced by the Bollywood celebrity babu haabi. He won the human trap music challenge which led him to work with beatbox dcypher in the gullybeat cypher and got featured in the rolling stone magazine recently and went trending one on apple India hip hop playlist. He is one of the youngest rappers to drop out an album - 'Zakhmi' for which he recently did an interview with RJ Ekta at Radio Mirchi.

He is Currently doing an independent reality show with GTPL and also won the first battle rap of Gujarat.
He recently contested for Red bull Spotlight 2020 and ended up as the winner.

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The youngest indie record producer and self-taught music director from Ahmedabad.

The enigmatic artist is working on redefining Hip-Hop and the independent music scene in Gujarat.

He started playing music at the age of 3 years and has been producing music for over 5 years now. His style of music is unconventional and has a unique sound of it's own.

He had largely experimented with different genres for his debut instrumental album "Anaahat".

Being a music-video director adds to his inventory of skills.

His work is recognized by musicians and actors like B Praak, Amit Trivedi, Kiaraa Advani, Harrdy Sandhu and BJay Randhawa.

He recently collaborated with internationally recognized singer MEIRLIN and is also working with Prince EA, who is a widely known spoken word artist.

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A Producer and a DJ from Ahmedabad who dropped out right after finishing his 12th grade to learn production and DJing from Mumbai.
He has performed at Clubs and House Parties in Mumbai.
He has been making music since 5 years and played at 2 solo shows held by Virtual Entertainment at GMDC Hall, both of which were sold out.

His primarily focuses on Modern Music and Electronic Dance Music and specializes in Future Bass, Pop, Trap and Future Pop 
His efforts were recognized and he got featured in multiple news papers.

He also has a keen interest in singing and rapping.

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A self-taught beat boxer and a dancer who has been in the game for more than 10 years beatboxing for more than 3 years.

He has participated in and won many major dance events across the city.

His dance styles are mainly Locking-Popping, Robotics and Hip-Hop.

His beat boxing style focuses more on Musicality and Dubstep specifically.

He also got featured on GTPL Show with his team.

He is also an active member of Ahmedabad Hip-Hop Unity, he now performs at many cyphers and events.

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One of the youngest beat boxer of Gujarat. He is one of the core member of AHU (Ahmedabad Hiphop Unity).

His work has been recognized by the French beat boxer Azel and also by Dcypher, who got featured in Gully Boy. He also got featured on the GTPL network's "Cypher Special" episodes.

He also won the online beat boxing competition findyourrestless" organised by Totheculture and Spykar.

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