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'Jannat': Bring back the earthly etheriality - Siyaahi x Neil x Parantap (Review)

Updated: May 15

After hundreds of comments on the Kashmir issue by individuals having no personal relations with Kashmir, here comes a rap song by a 20-year old native-Kashmiri whose family was forced to migrate to Gujarat, leaving their beautiful valley due to it.

Siyaahi has done an amazing job as an MC, keeping the audience well-interested in his bars while expressing his views on his native. A beautiful concoction of anguish, frustration and disappointment can be witnessed in his voice while his bars are eye-opener for listeners who welcomed the revocation of Article 370 with joy; expressing how things are still not good for a native-Kashmiri, how people are still suffering, and how the government is trying to sell his native-land.

The bars 'Yeh mera gaaon hai, naa koi ghoomne ki jagah./' (This is my village/native, not a tourist-spot./) reflect on how people need to be sensitive while talking about the issue and think of its native-inhabitants first and their tourism or business prospects later. The bars

'Kyon bachche mere jaise Kashmiri naa jaante? Kyon meri jannat bani jung ka maidaan ek?'

(Why do children like me not understand Kashmiri?

Why has my - so called - heaven become a warfield?) not only question the government's brutal policies in the context of Kashmir's condition but also reflect on the perception of general Indian citizens regarding the Kashmir issue; while the MC simultaneously states his love for his culture and his traditions which he could never follow because of the terrorism and now curfew in Kashmir. Moreover, the bars 'Naa chahiye humdardi naa chahiye mujhko dhamkiyaan. Hai meri khwaahish main bhi barf se kheloon wahaan.' delineate what a Kashmiri wants, which is relatively more important to know in the World's Largest Democracy than what other citizens want, or what politicians want. Further, at the end of the first verse, an emphasis is noted on the word 'ek' (one) in the bar 'Yeh Kashmiri bas jeena chaahein apne ek sapne ko.' (We Kashmiris just want to live their one dream) of having their valley back which further indicates how distressing and dreadful consequences the issue has left on Kashmiris, and how a common Kashmiri just wants their state back.

Parantap Pushkarna has also done a fantastic job as a music producer and a mixing and mastering engineer. The folk Kashmiri instrument which is played in the track adds to the beauty of the track, and create a perfect atmosphere for a piece based on the state. This article also admires how there are different stacks in different parts of the hook, and the efforts made to captivate the listeners' minds through the hook are well-accomplished; thus making the mixing and mastering effective.

After some underground bangers such as 'Naqaab', 'Farzi' and 'Tangi' , the duo are back to intrigue the audience with phenomenal bars and beats.

Moreover, RJ Neil has also made a remarkable performance as a featuring artist while singing the hook. His soothing and mesmerizing voice and singing-skills add to the beauty of the piece very well. Reputed for his music production, RJ Neil is also doing good as a singer; first in 'Kahaani' and now in 'Jannat', Siyaahi and Neil sound like an interesting pair of a rapper and a singer together.

Overall, 'Jannat' is an incredible piece of art which is riveting and thought-provoking in a true sense.

Record Credits:

Written and performed by : Siyaahi Featuring artist : Neil Produced by : Parantap Album : Zakhmi

(Reviewed by MC $anskriti)




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