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Musafir:A beautiful journey of perseverance and grit ( Farhan Khan x GRAVITY) (Review)

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Track name : Musafir

E.P. : Chappa Chappa Charkhaa Chale (C4)

Written and Performed by : Farhan Khan x GRAVITY

Music Producer : GUMS

Mixing and Mastering : Rebel 7

Visuals : Prerna Royy

Label/Hip-Hop Collective : Bombay Lokal

Reviewed by : MC $anskriti

Passionate about something which is inexpedient and strenuous, having a path of success which is long, wearisome and containing a lot of obstacles, but still determined to pursue their passion; here come MCs from Mumbai's Hip-Hop Collective 'Bombay Lokal' and its extended collective 'Lokal Gang' namely GRAVITY and Farhan Khan respectively, with the first piece from their collaborative E.P. 'Chappa Chappa Charkhaa Chale' (C.4.) entitled 'Musafir' (Traveller).

Both the MCs have done a fantastic job with amazingly beautiful cadences and vocals on the lo-fi instrumental. The piece starts with an instrumental sampled from Gums's beats sampled from his YouTube channel and the hook written by Farhan Khan and presented in GRAVITY's addictive voice, which captivates the listeners' attention in the very beginning itself. The bars are soulful and deep; especially the hook-lines like 'Manzilon se faasla toh Raaston se kya gila?/' (When it is known that the Destination is far away then why should one dislike or disagree with the Paths?/)drive other 'travellers' in the journey of success and/or life to rethink and contemplate on their negative thoughts about the journey towards success while 'Khwaabon ki talaash, aankhein khol so liya./' (In the pursuit of dreams, I opened my eyes and slept./) contain a classic antithetical paradox on the significance of reverie in the life of an ambitious and visionary person, especially an artist.

Known for his deep bars in tracks like 'Maa', 'Gawaar', 'Na Na', 'Comedy Show' and 'Astaghfar' , Farhan Khan returns with one of the deepest and finest pieces of his career. His bars like 'Ab kaantein taras khaa ke chubhte nahi./' (Now, thorns pity on me and don't prick./) he is sure to astonish the listeners with his writing; while 'Mera raaton se rishtaa naajaayaz;/ Chhup-chhup ke likhte yeh shaayar./' connect with other artists and bring a smile on their face, the next 'Kamaa lega likh ke sab poochhte mujhse,/ Main soch ke kehta hoon shaayad./' create a sudden realization of reality in their minds, and another realization of the importance of perseverance and grit. He creates a fine, out of the box, paradox by saying 'Seediyaan nashe mein ladkhadaati aur main chalta seedhe./' (Stairs wobble in intoxication, and I walk straight./) while the bars 'Jismaani pyaar naa bilkul kalaa se bas peshaani shabdon ki choome kavi./' (There is no physical attraction for art but the poet kisses the forehead of words./) seem to be one of the classiest and most appreciated punchlines in the history of Desi Hip-Hop. Apart from the meaningful and heartfelt deep bars; the cadences are also worth-appreciating. Farhan starts with 8th notes and brings 16th notes in the middle, and again returns to 8th notes along with continuous recitation of bars while taking breaths at the appropriate places, thus creating an interesting pattern in the overall flow and proving his skills as an MC.

GRAVITY also creates a great impression on the audience. Known for his deep, meaningful, soulful bars and unusual concepts in his entire discography; GRAVITY upturns his work with his verse in 'Musafir' , with bars like 'Khud ki roti pe hi paer de ke bhookh se sauda kar loon;/ Chain chheenaa toone kaafi, chheen le yeh jaan iss baar./' (I despise my own bread for work; you have robbed me of my contentment a lot if times, rob me of my life this time./') he, as always, succeeds in intriguing his audience. His bars 'Musaafir zindagi se dard chhupa ke kya mila?/ Main sarr uthaa ke jeeta, sarr jhuka ke tujhko kya mila?/' (O Traveller! What did you achieve by hiding your sorrows from your life? I held my head high, what did you achieve by keeping your head down?/), he again triumphs in flabbergasting his audience with his marvellous writing skills. Moreover, he has multiple cadences perfectly interlinked to create the best possible flow for the verse, backed by his warm, rich, addictive voice.

The music is sampled from a YouTube beat produced by GUMS, a music producer and beat maker from Arizona,U.S. and the selection of beats is amazing as it engrosses the listeners and keeps on playing in their minds. The music is rearranged, mixed and mastered by Rebel 7, who is previously known for his remarkable mixing and mastering for GRAVITY's E.P. 'Putrapaksh'. Rebel 7 has blended the vocals and the music very well altogether.

The animated, surreal visuals created and directed by Prerna Royy are great and worth-appreciating. This article admires how the setting of the scene is shown in a desert, depicting that journeys like this are often done in isolation. Furthermore, the video shows a scenery of a place from morning to night, with the protagonists travelling in the same desert all the time, symbolizing the theme of perseverance and grit further.

Overall, 'Musafir' is a sensational and stupendous piece of art with notable performances by everyone involved. It is a fantastic concoction of poetic punchlines, soothing music and pictorial metonimies.

(Reviewed by MC $anskriti)

Note: This is an opinon-piece to support and appreciate art and artists; we do not own the rights to the original rap song. A link to the original music video is provided with this video and all the artists working behind this track are duly mentioned in the credits.




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