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Shikayatein (Siyaahi X Parantap) A superb blend of avarice, complaining and taking an action(Review)

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Track : Shikaayatein

Written and performed by : Siyaahi

Music producer : Parantap

Mixing and Mastering : Parantap

Artwork : Monstro

Album : Zakhmi

Reviewed by : MC $anskriti

Do you remember a single day in your matured teen or adult life when you didn't complain about anything? The government, the nation's progress, the news, the road traffic, the food, your life, your job, your family, your boss… ? How many times have you taken an action rather than just complaining?

Well, Siyaahi's 'Shikayatein' is a rap song that will compel you to think about this. After making you bang your head with his sick punchlines and cadences on Rasla's beats in 'Underdog' and invoking anguish and agitation in your heart on Parantap's soulful music in 'Jannat' , Ahmedabad-based EmCee Siyaahi is back again with 'Shikayatein', the third record from his debut rap album 'Zakhmi'; wherein he criticizes the general approach of complaining by questioning why do we only complain but not do anything about it.

Known for his meaningful, message-giving and deep writing, Siyaahi proves himself as one of Ahmedabad's rap-scene's finest EmCees again with this record. Siyaahi succeeds in impressing his listeners with his lyrical structure - where he starts by rapping about his life, his career and the amount of success he has achieved, and then changing the topic to the act of him complaining about life in the first verse and complaining about several topics in the second one; yet merging all these varied topics perfectly into one theme, which proves him as a skilled Poetic EmCee. There are certain points about this piece which makes it different from others; such as the relationship between the avarice in human longings and the act of complaining.

This article admires and appreciates bars such as 'Main udd chalaa, chhoone aakaash, bandhanon se main rihaa./' (I flew, to reach the sky, liberated from the cages./' which is sure to bring a smile on the listeners' faces as well as 'Gulzaar ki taraah kavitaaon mein ro padaa./' (Like Gulzaar, I weep in my poems./' which displays his out of the box writing skills. There is a great connection developed, linking his writing to his audience's minds when he states 'Pitaa ka aashirwaad yeh roti, kapda aur makaan./ Maa ne diyaa janam kaise chukaaun yeh ehesaan?/ Par phir bhi khush naa aaj, laalchi teri santaan./ Shikaayatein hain mann mein yeh mann ne liyaa hai thaan./' (My father blessed me with bread, apparel and shelter. My mother gave me birth, how do I settle up her obligation?/ Still, I'm not happy, your son is greedy. There are complaints in the mind, and this mind has decided this./) A classic punchline anybody listening to this track would remember is 'Hoon karta Pashchataap phir bhi karta Galtiyaan./' (I undergo remorse but still commit mistakes./) . In the second verse, he changes from Storytelling to Conscious EmCeeing where he talks about national issues and problems in the Republic of India, covering everything from corrupt police-officers and ministers to dowry, molestation, caste-discrimination and rape-cases. He raises a question concluding the theme, where he states 'Shikaayaton mein jeete saare, kare naa koi badlaav./' (Everyone lives in complaints, nobody brings changes./)

Well-reputed for his instrumental album 'Anaahat', Parantap Pushkarna has also done a phenomenal job as a music producer and mixing and mastering engineer; using an old-school style beat and a piano layered with synth plucks to create a lucid yet addictive and engrossing track.

The duo are already very created a remarkable performance Ahmedabad's rap-scene through underground bangers such as 'Naqaab' and 'Farzi', as well as 'Jannat' from Siyaahi's 'Zakhmi'; and they are back to intrigue their audiences with another record.

Overall, 'Shikayatein' is an exceptional piece of art with consistently amazing performances by both the artists.

(Reviewed by MC $anskriti)




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